Cowboys vs Eagles

  🏈🦅 Gear up for an unforgettable touchdown celebration at the Philadelphia Eagles Tailgate Party! 🎉 Join Phans of Philly at the 1010 Collins Event Center on Sunday, December 10th, for the ultimate game day experience. Indulge in mouthwatering food, sip on spirited drinks, and immerse yourself in the party vibes! 🍔🍻 Don’t miss the […]

Cowboys vs Seahawks

Seahawks are in town playing the Cowboys Join us at 1010 Collins Event Center on November 30th from 4pm – 11pm. Join the Dallas Sea Hawkers at 1010 Collins Event Center for an epic tailgate party you won’t soon forget. Like the names says, it is located at 1010 North Collins St, in Arlington across from Cowboys […]